Simrad Go XSR Fish Finder

Simrad Go 7 XSR Fish Finder Review

A perfect fish finder for a fishing trip is a must. Simrad has been producing quality fishfinders for years. The Simrad Go series has not disappointed either.

Providing all the advantages and coming with all the latest features, the Simrad Go series has become necessary.

Therefore, to not deprive others of getting the advantage of the Simrad Go series, we are giving you a glimpse of the Simrad best fish finder review.


Simrad Go XSR comes with a multi-touch screen facility. So you can connect it with your smartphone or tablets and control it as you want. Not just that, it even has a split-screen facility.

You can monitor everything through the split-screen at any time. In addition, its accessible controlling features make it more user-friendly.


Simrad comes up with CMAP charts. That allows it to monitor through the waypoint. It even records the waypoints to choose your destination smoothly.

The charts get updated continuously. As a result, the latest information is always provided. It features a wide range of charts that are updated day-to-day.

That allows you to choose any chart you want. As you can also mark the way, there is no possible chance to get the route wrong.

It also suggests the nearest route and marks it on screen. Saving time is another specialty.

Wireless connection

Simrad Go 7  gives more benefits as a fish finder. Not just navigation facilities, it also provides wireless connections.

So you can go through any of the data online. The connection is also suitable for your smartphone or tablet. Moreover, it helps to keep you up to date.


Simrad Go also has a built-in GPS. GPS helps to track down the routes. Also monitors the speed of the boat and keeps it up-to-date. In addition, it has a 10Hz GPS which provides much more accurate tracking and facilities.


Simrad Go comes with a built-in sonar. Keeping you informed with the depth of the boat. Knowing the depth of your boat can keep you away from worries as it is updated frequently. You can prevent any unwanted danger because of this.

The sonar also has active imaging a 3 in 1 transducer, which provides the most precise depth record.

Getting the frequent and most apparent depth records will help you to operate the boat safely. It offers Downscan and Sidescan that gives a clear view of the depth of water.

Simrad Go XSR Fish Finder

Turn into fish-finder

The CHIRP technology used in the fish finder gives a proper view of the water. The DownScan and SideScan facility with the latest technology gives a real-time view.

That helps to target the fishes as well. But, of course, you are not going home without catching fish.


Which is better, Simrad or Lowrance?

Lowrance and Simrad are both well-known fishfinders. However, Simrad comes with the latest features and technology. Meanwhile, Lowrance is yet to provide better features than Simrad.

Simrad fish finders are offered at an affordable price with more features than Lowrance. That’s why we choose Simrad as the best fish finder than Lowrance.

Is Simrad a good GPS?

Yes, of course. Simrad comes with good GPS facilities. It tracks the route and updates the maps as well. You can even create your map. So there is no worry of getting lost.

What is the difference between Simrad go and NSS?

Of course, Simrad NSS is better than Simrad go series. The differences are pretty noticeable. Simrad NSS comes with more outstanding and upgraded display facilities.

Simrad NSS helps to control the display and gives a clear view of the water. You can modify the view from any angle. It also has an advanced Chartplotter and GPS.

But Simrad NSS is more pricey than the Simrad GO series. Perhaps everything good comes with a great price.

Bottom line

Simrad till now has not disappointed its customers. That is the same for the Simrad go series fishfinder. Its updated technology not just offers smooth control but also increases the joy of the fishing trip.

A good fish finder helps to enjoy the fishing trip without any worries. Why worry while you are on a trip? Don’t waste your trip over this.

Simrad works as a great fish finder that also ensures safety. It has one of the best fish finder GPS combos as well.

Hope you enjoy your fishing trip while enjoying the latest technology provided by Simrad.

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