Simrad Cruise GPS Chartplotter Review

Simrad Cruise 7 GPS Chartplotter Review

Simrad cruise is one of the most reliable Chartplotter one can find. It provides several easy-going features that make it one of the best fish finders. All the features are better than any fish finder you find on the marketplace.

Not complicated and smooth features make it suitable for the user. Easy operating, tracking, no complexity, a perfect combination that one needs.

After knowing all these, why have all the fun alone? That’s why we are here to give you a short Simrad cruise 7 review.

Let’s have a look!

Smooth navigation between menus

The Simrad cruise 7 has internal GPS, featuring intuitive menus, making it easy to look for the information you want. You can also know the speed of your boat and way around with GPS tracking.

It gives a view of all around as well, which helps to locate your location.


It has a preloaded US coastal map and updates according to C-MAP charts. In addition, the tracker keeps an update of boat speed, location, depth of water, and many more.

 So there is no chance that you will get lost as it updates information from time to time.

Stay informed

Simrad cruise has more critical features like keeping you updated with all crucial information. It updates the information continuously and shows it on screen.

Sonar feature

Simrad cruise features internal dual-beam CHIRP sonar. The sonar mainly supports 83kHz and 200kHz frequencies, which is different from other fish finders.

It mainly uses medium CHIRP and high CHIRP. There is also a feature of recording sonar. All these can make your fishing trip more soothing and unproblematic.

Control unit

The control unit is always the central part of a fish finder. Depending on the controlling features, one can determine the best fish finder for them.

The Simrad cruise 7 has 7-inch color display with the addition of a LED backlight. That helps to give a clear view. It also can give you a proper view at night, and that’s what you may need the most.


Simrad cruise 7 has a plastic-made transducer that also monitors the temperature of the water.

It gives the sonar more of a standard form. Comes up with facilities like split-zoom, sonar recording, auto range, and many more.

Simrad Cruise GPS Chartplotter

Easy to use

Unlike others, Simrad cruise 7  does not have a touchscreen feature. Instead, it works with a rotary dial and keypad. Nevertheless, it’s pretty easy to operate, and you just need a manual.

It also has a split-screen facility that keeps everything in your control. So you can easily view any information or more information at once. That’s how it also ensures your safety.


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Is Simrad a good fish finder?

Of course, it is. It has features that provide much more facility than other fish finders. You may even think of it as the best fish finder.

It continuously gives updates on the current situation in the water, which also ensures your safety.

What should I look for when buying a fish finder?

While looking for a good fish finder, you should always lookout for some features. Its operating system, sonar system, tracking facilities, and its transducers.

Other than that, you should also look at how long it works after being charged once. After all, you don’t want your fish finder to stop midway.

Is Simrad better than Garmin?

In some aspects, yes. Even though Garmin and Simrad are well-known fish founders, we have found Simrad in a better position in many cases. For example, Garmin comes with robust GPS technology when Simrad offers many more advanced features.

Also, in terms of price, Simrad is budget-friendly. Meanwhile, Garmin is pricier. So all these things state Simrad is way better than Garmin.


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Bottom line

The right fish finder can make your fishing trip enjoyable in triple effect. A perfect fish finder with perfect weather, a much more expected vacation you can spend.

To not waste your wonderful time while fishing, a right fish finder is a must. But, of course, you don’t want to get lost and end up on an island, like in movies. And waste your awaited vacation.

That’s why choosing the right fish finder is a priority. After reading this, Simrad cruise 7 fish finder review, you may know what you want.


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