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Raymarine Element 9 HV Fishfinder Review

If you have a handsome amount of budget, Raymarine Element 9 HV fishfinder would be the best fish finder device that you can consider buying. Raymarine’s Element series covers a long-standing need in the company’s service offerings. It is a multi-functional device with many features and characteristics that will make you purchase this best fish finder for a kayak.


With high-definition megahertz imagery, a CHIRP sonar, and dynamic mapping feature, the Element 9 HV finder competes directly with the other market-leading brands like Humminbird HELIX or to a smaller degree, with the Garmin Echomap series. In this Raymarine Element 9 fish finder review, we are going to discuss all this feature-heavy fish finder that has to offer.



Without a doubt, display plays a crucial role in making a fish finder great. Because it shows all the details and information about the situation under your boat. However, there are three screen sizes offered in the Raymarine Element HV fish finder series. When it comes to screen size, you can get three options: 7, 9, and 12 inches display.


Also, the same functionality and interface are available in all of these sizes; just the size is different. So, you could choose the Element 7 HV variant if your budget is tighter or your boat is smaller. It’s also possible to go with the Element 9 HV fishfinder alternative if you want a larger screen.


Raymarine Element HV Chartplotter Fishfinder


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Now, to talk about the resolution, the display has an 800×480 pixel and is an optically laminated LCD. There is LED back-lighting that provides 1,500 nits of brightness. Based on the period of the day or the intensity of sunshine, you may control the brightness very easily.


You can rapidly and effortlessly use your preferred functions thanks to the display’s push-button keys. Although, it doesn’t have a touchscreen feature which is a drawback in my opinion.


You may also set the alarm in the settings. It’s possible to set up alarms/warnings for harmful AIS targets, small rivers, and the arrival of a waypoint, among other possibilities. It’s also possible that you’re seeking for a certain water temperature to attract a particular kind of fish. In this situation, temperature alarms will help you to do so.


On top of that, an 8 GB of built-in storage space is also provided with the display itself. But if you feel it’s not enough and wants to increase the capacity, then the microSD card port, which accepts cards up to 32 GB, may be used to fulfill your wish.

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A built-in sonar system is included with this Raymarine Element 9 HV fishfinder. The HV-100 transducer is also included, which ranges in different frequencies like 200 kHz to 350 kHz to 1.2 MHz. More importantly, this device has three different types of sonar: 2D CHIRP, structural scanning, and HyperVision, which utilizes 1.2 MHz.


You will also get an all-in-one transducer which is included with the kit. So, if you’re looking for CHIRP sonars, you may consider buying this. However, there is another sonar, 1.2 MHz is the frequency used by HyperVision, which goes by the abbreviation “HV.” Extremely high-definition images are now possible thanks to this technology.


In order to get the most precise pictures from the structural scanning sonar, you have the option of using either a regular scan or a HyperVision scan.

Raymarine Element 9 HV Fishfinder

In contrast to SideVision, which provides coverage on both sides of the boat, DownVision focuses on what’s below the surface. However, there is RealVision 3D, which provides a 3D picture with a life-like quality. From every angle, you’ll be able to see the undersea world.

This transducer is so versatile that you will only need one device for going fishing. Installing several transducers is not necessary at all.


On top of that, it’s also possible to fine-tune the sonar’s performance to meet your specific fishing needs by adjusting a plethora of options. All of these options are available for you to improve your fishing experience. Interference rejection and detecting sensitivity are two further aspects that can be customized.


Additionally, the transducer of this Raymarine Element 9 fish finder has an integrated temperature sensor, allowing you to keep tabs on the water temperature.


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NMEA 2000 connection is included in the Raymarine Element 9 HV’s features. Using this connection, you may link your autopilot, AIS transmitter, additional GPS, as well as other boat gear.


As a bonus, the device has pre-featured Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. So, regarding software upgrades, you may use WiFi or Bluetooth to access the radar or your apartment’s Wifi connection, but you can also link the fish finder with your phone or other smart devices by using Bluetooth.


This Raymarine Element 9 HV fish finder is compatible with Quantum radars. But, only a Quantum radar can make use of this.

Raymarine Element 9 HV Fishfinder for crappie

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Raymarine Element 9 HV fishfinder any good?

In our opinion, Raymarine Element 9 is the best fish finder if you want excellent features with terrific quality. It is a multifunctional device that has high-definition megahertz imagery, a CHIRP sonar, dynamic mapping, and so on. So, yes, it is a good choice.


Do the Raymarine Element 9 HV has maps?

Unfortunately, Raymarine Element 9 does feature built-in GPS connectivity, but it doesn’t come with pre-built maps. However, it is compatible with Navionics, C-MAP, and many other charts. So, you should not have any problems.


Does Raymarine Element 9 HV have GPS?

Yes, it comes with a pre-built GPS receiver.


Raymarine Element 9 is one of the best fish finders that you can consider buying. It comes with so many astonishing features and characteristics that make others buy this device. Although it is quite popular, there are many questions rising people’s minds. So, we tried to discuss all the features and faqs in brief. We hope that this Raymarine Element 9 HV Fish Finder review has helped you to decide the perfect fishfinder for you.

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