Lowrance HOOK2 review

Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot & SplitShot – Expert Review

 Fallen in love with the Lowrance series? So have we. From Lowrance hook to Lowrance elite, every fish finder has incorporated their essence for the anglers. Since most fish finders are packed with modern technologies, I was looking for something a bit easier on the operation for my grandfather.


Fortunately, I came up with the Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot and SplitShot review. It made me get my hands on one of the best fish finders currently ruling the market with their modern yet straightforward technology.

Wanna dive into more about how and why this device won many hearts? Let’s go!


Important capabilities and features:

There should not be any purchase without knowing why the product should be purchased for. Here are some of the star of the show of Lowrance HOOK2:

Lowrance HOOK2 – 7x GPS Split Lowrance HOOK2 – 7x GPS Lowrance HOOK2 – 9 Combo Split Lowrance HOOK2 – 9 Combo Lowrance HOOK2 – 12 Combo
HOOK2 – 7x GPS HOOK2 – 7x GPS HOOK2 – 9 Combo HOOK2 – 9 Combo HOOK2 – 12 Combo
Transducer SplitShot TripleShot SplitShot TripleShot TripleShot
GPS Plotter/Mapping Plotter Mapping Mapping Mapping Mapping
DownScan Imaging
SideScan Imaging
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Mobile operating system

Most fish finders have furnished the device with a touch screen. But the Lowrance HOOK2 has a mobile-like operating system where you can use a cursor on point. The user-friendly interface does not interrupt now and then with complicated settings. It is rather effortless to find the right key buttons on display.


Autotuning sonar

Along with the facilities of regular CHIRP sonar, the Lowrance HOOK2 has built an autotuning sonar where the sonar can be operated automatically. There are three sonar modes in each device, including a custom mode.

Lowrance HOOK2 Autotuning Sonar

The frequency can go as high as 200kHz. There is another sonar mode for ice fishing that can be enabled with another set of options. These options are entirely different from the sonar you need during regular water fishing, making ice fishing amusing.


GPS and mapping

Lowrance HOOK2 Built-In Mapping

The highly detailed preloaded mapping system is one of the catches of this particular fish finder. It contains more than 4000 U.S. lakes in detail and 1ft of contour. It has information about the regions flooded with fishes and ledges, lands, and other drawbacks of them.


SolarMax Display

Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot & SplitShot SolarMax Display


The 7-inch display held by the Lowrance HOOK2 is a SolarMax display. This screen has super visualization capability during daylight. It can show the underwater objects with an accurate perspective due to the ultra-wide sonar system.


Transducers and accessories

The Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot and SplitShot review are incomplete without a sneak-peak into their highly energetic transducer. The type is hidden in the name, and it has a triple-shot and splitshot transducer.

A splitshot transducer is a regular transducer with down scanning capability. The triple shot transducer has both of them plus the side imaging facility.

It arrives with a more comprehensive sonar range, DownScan, and SideScan sonar. It helps to see both the down and side of the boat.

The sonar range is double the amount of regular sonar. It assists with seeing the fish arches more clearly than ever. If you are wondering what is the difference between Lowrance TripleShot and SplitShot, the answer is right there.

The setup system is also more accessible with the TripleShot transducer.

It comes with a connector that can mount the transducer in any place of the boat. There are also transom brackets, gimbal brackets, power cable, fuse holder and fuse, corner clips.


Everything easy (from setup to the operating system)

If you are interested in investing your concentration more on the fishing trip and fishing rather than setting up a device and finding your right way through it, then Lowrance HOOK2 is just for you. Let me explain why.

easy use Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot & SplitShot Review

The setup system has only a transducer that can be mounted easily on the transom of the boat. If you are in a dilemma that should I mount a transducer in a trolling motor, Lowrance has made the way much easier.

The operating system has a mobile operating system with an autotuning sonar facility. You can go straight to the settings in the display and find the necessary options instead of playing hide-and-seek.


GPS range

The GPS of this device comes with a variety of options. From the plotter range without a map to the preloaded mapping in micro S.D. slot memory, Lowrance HOOK2 has got it all in the bag. This system will help for accurate navigation and avoid all the empty water lands.


Three-in-one transducer

The TripleShot transducer has the essence of the regular sonar along with the DownScan and SideScan options. The sonar ranges are also double the capacity of the traditional sonar. It does justice to cover the underwater with a broader view and from all perspectives.

But how long is the TripleShot transducer to accumulate this much potential? It is a 9 inch transducer with 1ft cable.




Does the Lowrance HOOK2 have GPS?

Yes and the GPS has two modes ranging from the plotter where there is no mapping, but you can make waypoints for the areas that have been covered for fishing already. You can also save history by the micro S.D. slot that comes with the device.

Another system contains GPS with high-level navigation. It comes with an accurate mapping system.


Should you buy a Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot and SplitShot?

Let’s have all the critical points of this product that can get a “yes” for this question.


Bottom line

The right fish finders often determine the outcome of a perfect fishing trip. Since these are technological matters, you do not want to be stuck mid-water with something messed up. Lowrance has covered up for all these with each of their fantastic series.

The most effortless setup and operating system coming at an affordable price; could you ask for any better?

Some of the things should be considered before buying the ultimate fish finder. Its operating system and the energy it emits for peak performance are two of them. After going through the Lowrance HOOK2 TripleShot and SplitShot review, I hope that concept has been long clarified from your end.


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