Humminbird Helix 12 Review

Humminbird Helix 12 Chirp GPS G4N Fish Finder Review

If you are passionate about fishing, then you got to have some guidelines about some gadgets which will help you to find the area where the fishes roam around very often.


I can still remember my fishing days where I used to burst out in anger. I was very disappointed on those days when I couldn’t find any fish.


Have no fear, we have an excellent fish finding device for you that will make your fishing time more efficient. Yes, this article is about the Humminbird Helix 12 Review.


So do you want to impress your friends by showing them how to fish accurately? Then go through this article to know about the best fish finding device in the market.


Without any further delay, let us proceed!


Humminbird Helix 12 Chirp GPS G4N Fish Finder

This Humminbird chirp fish finder is one of the renowned devices ever found in the market. Buck load of features that it offers brings the specialty of this model.


The keypad control is very smooth. You can access much-archived information from this device’s database which is previously installed in the chip. It will give you a clear scanned vision of all the aquatic creatures in the projected area.


The dual spectrum property offers the search in two ways. If you want to cover a specific region, I’d suggest going for the wide mode, otherwise the narrow mode for a specific target.


The Humminbird company also provides you with premium charts for your angling. You can get a complete idea about the gathering region of the preys while you suddenly decide to fish.


It also comes with the ease of a wireless communications system. The Bluetooth connection in it is a reliable parameter that also shows you your cellphone updates even you are far away from it.


You can continuously update the software of this device from their official page where they provide you with all the upcoming features. The map type they provide is nautical.


The product dimension is given by 19.25 x 12.75 x 10.25 inches and color comes in only one option which is the everlasting black.

The weight of this model is about 14 pounds and the package also comes with some additional components such as a control head, transducer, mounting hardware, power cable, and many more things.



  • Wide colored screen
  • Wireless system provider
  • Dual-mode operating capability



  • A heavyweight model which will not be easy to carry



Buying Guide

Isn’t Humminbird Helix 12 G4N Fish Finder amazing? What more is possibly there to offer? All the wireless communication facilities, eye-catching screen resolutions and not to mention the stability in the keypads.


With having the liberty of continuously updating the software configurations really makes you feel on the track with the technologies. It is really an ideal set if you have the perfect dedication towards fishing.


And with the budget being a reasonable one, you will definitely want to suggest this Helix 12 to anyone who comes to you with a question of fish tracking.


You should not be satisfied just by knowing the perfect model for your fishing, you should also know how to choose for one. Yes! There is a guidance for that too. There are many variable features that makes it hard to compare between the existing products.


Without a vast knowledge about them, you will definitely end up with a disappointed fish finder in your boat. So, below is the buying guide section of our article. Enjoy!


As we are talking about the Humminbird Helix 12 Review, we should also keep in mind the parameters that make it special from any other model. You should get to know your kits before you spend some on them. Normally, these fish finders are expensive components. So, do intensive research before you decide to buy one.


We are always here to make your life easier. Here we provide you with the mentionable factors that are needed to keep in consideration while buying one.



The role of the transducer is to emit a specific frequency of sound waves, it then reflects in the reflector and then gives you a position of a nearby fish.


This is the most vital factor which you have to keep in mind. The manufacturing companies do not provide any statistical data about the transducer. The best way to know about this is to go through the customer review.


Power Rating

With great power, comes the great capability of searching for the fishes in more depth. Many models have many different power ratings. Not to worry, they all give accurate readings.


But you need to stick to your choice. If you want to fish in-depth, then my advice will be to go for the high-power rating device.


Easy to Use and Carry

A perfect fish finder is said to have a perfect design, reasonable weight, and should consume less space while carrying. So, look for the model which you can handle without any hardships along the way.


Supply of Batteries

While buying an electronic fishing device, you should also think about how it can be charged up. There are mainly three ways of doing that- you can use a rechargeable battery, a disposable one, or have the advantage of plugging it with the mainline.


You look at what kind of powering supply can you provide and buy that specific model accordingly.


The Quality of the Display

Sometimes you need to do some graphical analysis from your device during the angling. In that case, a display with a nice resolution will simply make the task simpler.


Make sure to check that your purchased model has a backlight property or not. Otherwise, it will be very tough to observe the screen in sunny daylight.


Size of the Screen

The standard size of a screen is about 4 inches diagonally. But you can go for either bigger or smaller. If you face trouble with tiny screens, then go for the big ones. It is entirely your choice.



There is much range of devices that can help with your angling. You just have to look at your choice and your pockets. If you are a passionate fisherman, then go for an expensive model and have your fun time in the water.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can a fish searching device be used instead of a map?

Unfortunately, no! This device will only track the underwater creatures.


  1. Are all these devices waterproof?

It mainly depends upon the price range each model consists of. The cheaper ones may not be waterproof.


  1. Can it be used to recognize the type of fish?

No, you can’t identify the species. The sonar technology sends a wave which then reflects and it gives an idea about the position of a most closed encountered fish.


  1. How to set up these devices?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. It depends on the model which you are buying.


  1. Are these models GPS included?

Sadly, not all of them.


  1. What is the role of a CHIRP Transducer?

It creates a clear display of the depth of the water up to 3000 meters.


  1. Do fish finders come with batteries?

Most model does but some give you the option for the external set of batteries.


  1. What are the advantages in using a CHIRP rather than a basic sonar?

CHIRP emits a wider range of frequencies, technically up to 120 kHz which results in more accurate value in the readings.


  1. Is it necessary to submerge a transducer?

Yes! For quite efficient detection it is a must do job.


  1. How do you compare between transducer and transmitter?

A transducer sends a signal in millivolt unit while a transmitter sends in milliamperes.



So, here goes our Humminbird Helix 12 Review provided to you in great detail. Point to be noted, the devices will be completely dependent upon you.


What type of water you are fishing in, what type of fish you are trying to catch, these points will vary the output of your fishing finding gadgets.


So our suggestion will be once again, do intensive research and also improve your skills on this before you spend a buck load of money on one device.


If you are ready already, what are you waiting for? Order one online and set a date for your fishing. Life is beautiful!

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